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Gingival zenith score is defined as the linear distance from the zenith of the buccal gingival margin to the incisal edge of the crown. A decreased gingival zenith score over time means a gain in gingival tissue.

Results that give you peace of mind

Providing your patients with optimal esthetics is a critical factor of successful dental implant therapy and key to their satisfaction and improved quality of life. Studies measuring esthetics and satisfaction metrics demonstrate improved results with OsseoSpeed implants.

Maintained esthetics even at 5 years

  • Stable periimplant soft tissue up to 5 years after implant placement: stable mean gingival zenith scores first year from crown placement followed by tissue stabilization.
  • Minimal gingival recession in challenging situations at 3-year follow-up: stable soft tissue levels in situations with limited bucco-lingual or mesodistal space with unchanged mean gingival zenith score.
  • Patients treated with OsseoSpeed implants have reported improvements in overall treatment satisfaction.
Gingival zenith score (mm) over time for implants placed in healed sites.

“In this and other studies, we observe tissue stability from the time of crown placement. Together with good planning and execution, documented tissue stability provides clinical confidence for the clinician when offering esthetic implant solutions to patients.” Dr. Lyndon Cooper, USA

Properly maintained marginal bone is critical for supporting adjacent soft tissue. Abundant, healthy bone and soft tissue ensures your ability to provide your patients with ideal esthetics.

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