4 reasons for an implant partnership

You are an expert in implant matters. An implant partnership makes your referrer colleagues experts in implant prosthetics too. The more they know about implant treatment, the better they can talk to their patients about it. This form of partnership is especially suitable for practices that do not yet have much experience in implant treatment. Provide assistance, train and retain these referrers at your practice.

And by the way – if you are a laboratory – why not partner with a surgeon and start an implant partnership together.

1. Implant treatment is teamwork

Surgeons, prosthetic dentists and the laboratory work hand-in-hand in an implant partnership. Implant insertion, fabrication of the prosthetics and placement of the prosthetics is in the hands of specialists – the patient receives the best possible treatment at all times.

This interplay in implant treatment can only work if all those involved have the relevant implantological qualifications and if the teamwork is optimized with regular coordination. Everything important for the implant prosthetic practice can be communicated in a compact seminar series –Dentsply Sirona Implants can assist with competent expert speakers for topics you cannot present yourself.

2. A unique investment with long-term effects

The implant partnership is limited to a defined period. The participants lay a solid foundation that allows entry into implant prosthetics. A manageable investment and possibly the first step towards long-term cooperation.

Nevertheless, it is your commitment that makes an implant partnership successful: You select the referrers who you would like to invite. You invite your ideal candidates personally. You are the main speaker. And you are and remain the competent contact for your participants for all questions surrounding implant treatment.

But you are not alone: You receive professional support from Dentsply Sirona Implants.

3. An implant partnership pays off

The aim of the implant partnership is clearly defined: You inform your referrers about the possibilities of implant treatment and you enable your referrers to expand the implant treatment range in their own practices under your guidance.

With every new implant patient your referrers acquire, you acquire a surgery patient – a classical win-win situation.

4. Developing the future team

The implant partnership can be the start for solid professional relationships.

You can bring a regional implant network into being, a competence platform for practices and laboratories working together in implant treatment. After the implant partnership, you can nurture and develop your relationships with your referrers with a StudyClub whereDentsply Sirona Implants also supports you.


The heart of the STEPPS implant partnership is a four-part seminar series. Here your colleagues interested in implant treatment gain sound knowledge. The contents cover topics such as professional patient communication, case planning and basic principles of implant surgery, implant prosthetics and motivational training.

Here you will find everything you need to plan and implement an implant partnership: Plenty of expertise and a wealth of practical tips, planning and organizational checklists.

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