Immediate implant restorations by CAD/CAM

Restorative-driven digital treatment approach with patient-specific temporization at implant placement

Immediate restoration and immediate loading of dental implants are scientifically proven concepts for restoring edentulous or partly edentulous jaws and single tooth cases.

Today’s digital planning tools and the availability of guided surgery and CAD/CAM technologies changed the protocol for immediate implant restorations completely. A restorative-driven treatment approach, supported by an accurate 3D implant planning, provides us exact information about the planned implant position and allows for CAD/CAM fabrication of patient-specific provisional restorations prior to surgery – which gives the surgeon the opportunity to place the denture immediately after implant insertion.

Inspiration & Insights met Dr Mischa Krebs, Germany and CDT Uli Hauschild, Italy, two dedicated specialists in digital technology and

implant-supported esthetics. Read about their view on the advantages of digital treatment planning and the implementation of a complete digital workflow in daily implant practice.

The future of single tooth reconstructions

Dr Krebs, what makes you as a clinician so enthusiastic about the new digital technologies?

It is absolutely amazing to see the soft-tissue response on the immediate placement of a definitive abutment and the ideally shaped provisional. Especially in healed sites we see fantastic results with a perfectly shaped sulcus six weeks after implant placement.

But doesn’t this also mean a complete change in the way you are working in your clinic?

It is a change indeed. I have to spend more time with treatment planning. But I can reduce the chairtime and the number of appointments dramatically.

And what is the advantage for the patient?

My patients love it, because they can get an implant with a final crown with only two appointments, and just one surgery. They have nearly no swelling and most of the patients don’t even need painkillers. This is the best advertisement for your clinic.

Mr Hauschild, how did this digital approach change your role as a dental technician?

These new technologies are a fantastic vehicle. They allow me to apply the entire range of my long-term experience for every single case. I now have much more options available. I can develop each approach in many variations and finally go for the one which is the best option from a technical, medical and esthetical point of view. While yesterday, my job was mainly to manufacture prosthetic restorations, it is now to come up with simply the best solution.

Last question to both of you: If you could turn back time to an analog way of working. Would you?

Why should we? Perfect results combined with an extremely short treatment time at an affordable price. The patients are happy and the dentist is happy. For us, this is the future of single tooth reconstructions.

Unlock your digital potential

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