5 reasons for a study club

With a study club you create a collegial forum and achieve two goals:
You strengthen the implantological competence of your referrers – and therefore the implantological orientation of their practices – and you cultivate the personal relationship with your referrers.

And by the way – if you are a laboratory – why not partner with a surgeon or start a study club yourself?

What can a study club achieve?

1. Establishing personal contacts

Studies show that it is not primarily professional competence, but above all personalcontact and affinity to a surgical colleague that is essential for the referral relationship. A study club offers plenty of scope for expanding and nurturing personal relationships.

2. Cultivating professional discussion

A study club offers referrers the unique opportunity to talk about their patient cases and to receive personal advice from an experienced implant specialist. The implantological expertise strengthens the position of the referrer and provides assurance in advising implant patients in the referrer’s own practice.

3. More implant patients

The top priority of the study club is to establish a win-win situation for you and for your referrers: Your professional input enables the study club participants to expand implant prosthetics in their own practices and thus specifically acquire new implant patients. And you take over the role of undertaking surgical restoration and implant planning, as required.

4. Offering specific training

Professional training is a key theme in a practice wishing to develop. A study club offers an ideal forum for qualified training in all areas of implant treatment and beyond, e.g. for areas like practice management, patient communication, patient consultation and many more besides.
The training courses take place in a familiar peer group. Geographical proximity is another real plus point. Immediate feedback from the referrers provides an excellent basis for compiling targeted training programs.

5. Expanding the network

A shared idea, a shared goal, good contacts, personal relationships, not only ’reacting‘, but actively shaping the future, cooperation rather than competition – that is the basis for successful networking. A study club lays the foundation for a regional network and joint development perspectives. And they are multifaceted, e.g. professional training as part of an implant partnership, interdisciplinary cooperation with other specialties, etc.

In the STEPPS study club you will find everything you need to plan and implement a study club: Plenty of expertise and a wealth of practical tips, planning and organizational checklists.

Do you want to form a partnership that is especially suitable for practices that do not yet have much experience in implant treatment? Read about the implant partnership here.

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