Applying digital dentistry for fixed restorations

David Guichet, USA

Treatment of this patient utilized digital processes and multiple merged data sets to make planning and treatment more accurate and efficient. In addition, it enabled creation of fixed dental restorations that are supported by dental implants and natural teeth.

David Guichet, DDS Prosthodontist, Private Practice Orange, CA, USA

Case summary

Patient: A 66-year-old female patient presented with several decayed, fractured and supraerupted teeth in the upper jaw.

Challenge: The patient required a fixed prosthetic restoration. This suprastructure had to be fixed to implants as well as natural teeth and therefore was in need of a very stable and precisely fitting framework.

Treatment: Extraction of the hopeless teeth and socket preservation grafting were performed. Five OsseoSpeed EV implants were placed; the two in the molar region were angled by 30 degrees. Afterwards a restoration with high-strength zirconia framework and a precise cutback for the veneering porcelain was digitally designed and fabricated. The patient was very satisfied with the fit and esthetic outcome of the bridge.

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