Google yourself – online reputation management

How do most patients find out about your practice?

These days, usually through the internet. We said that already in our last business post “7 tips for your professional practice photo shoot”. Right after “personal recommendation from family and friends” “searching online” comes second when patients look for a dental specialist in their region.

Today we ask you: when was the last time you googled yourself or your practice?


What do patients find about your practice?

  • Nothing – then you won’t get that prospective new patient…
  • Information created by online reputation portals – where you have no knowledge or control about your business’s information…
  • And old or up-to-date practice website…

Even if you have an up-to-date practice website we recommend to keep reading. Because even then patients do not necessarily find your website.

What are your options?

Manage your online reputation by

  • Up-to-date practice website – we will cover that in a later post this year
  • Google profile
  • Actively manage your online reputations


Google, Facebook, LinkedIn… What are the important ranking portals in your region?

You don’t know? That’s not good. You need to be aware that if you don’t concern yourself with rankings, someone else will. And what is worse than not knowing how you are being assessed?

Use the online rankings to your advantage

Whether you want it or not, you are being ranked online now. Use this fact and turn it into your advantage.

Why? We would like to outline it for you briefly.

Rankings influence your position

Google regards companies that are ranked often as being more important than others. Good rankings are naturally even better.

Therefore, colleagues who have many rankings may possibly be displayed before you by Google. The fact that your position with Google has an influence on your acquisition of new patients is surely undisputed. Therefore, you should ensure that you do not fall behind.

What needs to be done in order to use rankings

Which portals are important in your region? Inform yourself which ranking portals are the most important ones in your country. Google rankings are part of this, in any case.

Now, take the sceptre in your own hands by actively asking your satisfied patients to rank you. You can even support this with a ranking flyer.

Monitor your rankings

Check the most important portals at least on a monthly basis and assess the development. If you require more rankings on a portal, encourage your customers to write an assessment there. No one is stopping you from requesting them to do this. Please be aware that you are not permitted to use rewards as enticement for a good assessment. For details, please check your national legislation in order to be safe.

Do not let yourself be discouraged by a poor assessment. If the assessment is unobjective, comment on it and think about whether it makes sense to file an objection with the relevant portal.

Your effort will be noticeable

You will see, positive assessments are noticeable. These days, patients check on the Internet whether the practitioner inspires trust. What else is left for you, other than a recommendation? Ensure that you are visible everywhere and give positive image. Take your external presentation in your own hands!

Market research shows:

  • Reputation matters most for Restaurants, Cafes, Doctors & Dentists
  • 47 percent of consumers say a doctor’s reputation matters

Read the survey findings for North America here

  • Personal recommendations (56%) and Google (42%) are the top sources to find a doctor

Read the survey findings for Germany here

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