Make yourself visible

5 most important local branding tips

As a dentist, your most effective means of advertising is word-of-mouth recommendation. Yes, we agree. But to boost your business, you should also make sure that you can actually be seen.

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1. The basics: clear signs

How many people walk past your practice every day? Do all these people know that you are in the building and what services you offer? They should do!

And patients who come to you for the first time should be able to find you easily.

You should take advantage of all signage options. Your name, logo and services should be clearly visible on your practice signs. If possible, use an emotional key visual from your advertising communication.

2. Advertising that catches people’s eyes on their way to work

Think about the busiest areas near you, where people drive and walk past. Perhaps the high street, the railway station in your district, a busy square or an important bus stop.

Find out where you can hang up your posters, which advertising space you can use at the important bus stop, or perhaps you can even advertise on or in the bus.

You should also think about which daily newspapers and magazines your potential clients read. There is no need to advertise every week, but people should be able to see you once in a while.

3. Call to action

Whatever you do. Every poster, your website and every advertisement has to contain a clear message calling on people to contact you. Make this as easy as possible for them. The adverts should at least include a hotline number and your website’s URL along with “Talk to us”.

4. Be consistent

Be consistent in your messaging and presentation at every turn. Advertisements, marketing materials, video presentations and testimonials should all mesh with a single image, sending a single message. Totally different images on your website and adverts confuse potential patients what they can expect at your practice.

5. Local networking

Attend, speak, and host local events. In other words, get involved in the community as much as possible. Check if you can sponsor a little league team in the area, it leads to a great exposure.

Build your own implant partnership or study club to connect with your business partners and host patient info events to get in contact with potential patients. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and event committees to get involved and get your business out there. Contact with the journalist in your area. Advertise in the local

papers, and even host your event to get people excited about news in your practice or

simply bring the community together.

INFO: Communication for dental professionals is regulated under national legislation. Please check what is possible in your country before you get into action.

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