Best views on guided surgery

Successful implant treatment is the result of a precise and well planned surgical procedure. State-of-the-art computer-guided implant treatment solutions allow for restorative driven implant treatment with outstanding prosthetic results as planned.

Confident implant placement

Within the guided surgery treatment protocol, surgical guides provide the seamless link between digital 3D planning and the actual implant treatment. Using state-of-the-art 3D technology and highest production standards, Simplant guides are developed, designed and manufactured centrally to assist clinicians worldwide in delivering safe and predictable implant treatment. As a manufacturer of medical devices, the Simplant Guide production is compliant with the European Medical Device Directive and with the Quality Systems Regulation (CFR section 820) under the authority of the FDA. Along with the high quality of the guide itself, every order is being assessed to make sure that the guide to deliver is the best solution for the specific case.

With the switch to a new medical-grade material enabling standard steam sterilization of the guides and an improved guide design, Simplant guides recently took another step towards smarter and safer implant treatment – allowing clinicians to perform their preferred surgical technique with utmost confidence.

Crystal clear view on the essentials

For a successful management of highly complex dental implant cases, a close cooperation between the surgeon and the dental technician is a must. Uli Hauschild, Dental Technician from Sanremo, Italy, cooperates on an international level with surgeons worldwide. In the particular case shown here, Uli Hauschild and Dr Marc Charrier, Dental Surgeon from Nice, France, were planning their case strategy with a restorative-driven treatment approach. They were among the first users of the new Simplant guides. Both consider these new guides an ideal tool to increase efficiency and, most important, safety of an implant treatment. When doing their first case with the new guides, they decided for a direct comparison. They ordered two sets of guides, one made from the new material and one from the material used before.

Simplant guides with new medical-grade material (left) and the material available before (right).

Besides the new possibility of sterilization, they discovered another important advantage during the clinical use of the new guides. Uli Hauschild reports: “The crystal clear appearance of the new material allows for better visibility of the surgical site and thus for increased precision during guided surgery. Besides planning reliability and predictability of an implant treatment, another decisive security aspect had been added: the view on the essentials.” Or, as Marc Charrier puts it: “The increased transparency of the guide material gives me as a surgeon better control of all clinical treatment steps.” And for both, the new possibility to sterilize Simplant guides produced from the new material is an important step towards making their use the norm in operating theaters. “Due to hygiene regulations, the use of guides has been limited. Now they can be sterilized at 134 °C in an autoclave,” says Hauschild, and Charrier continues: “That’s a leap forward with regard to an aseptical surgical intervention.”

Case documentation

Immediate placement of six implants after tooth extraction in the mandible. Directly after surgery, the implants have been restored following the Immediate Smile conceptPictures courtesy of Uli Hauschild, Sanremo, Italy.

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