How you can stand out from the crowd

We need to do something today in order to stand out from the crowd. Products and services are becoming increasingly interchangeable. We can also definitely assume that you are not the only dental specialist in your town, can we? So what should you do in order to differentiate yourself from the others? We intend to explain to you today, what is understood as corporate identity and how you should design yours.

If you are interested in the book “Differentiate or Die” by marketing guru Jack Trout you will find it at your local bookshop or online.

What a difference: Dr. Klotz’s website before (left) and after (right) the CI change.

1. What is a corporate identity?

You do not need to acquire a corporate identity (CI), you already have one. A CI is the character and appearance of a brand or a company. Your patients have an idea about your practice and about you. But it is desirable for you to deliberately design the image that your environment has about your practice.

The CI is comprised of the following module:

  1. Corporate design
  2. Corporate communications
  3. Corporate behavior

When all of the modules are perfectly coordinated with one another, this results in a coherent picture, which creates a unique character. In this brief article, we would first like to deal with the appearance.

2. The big question: “Who am I?”

A CI can only work if it is authentic. McDonalds, Shell and Volkswagen are familiar with the problem.

So you should first ask yourself the question, what distinguishes you and your team? What are the special services of your practice? What do your patients like about you and your practice?

Try to characterize your practice as a person, preferably with your team. What type would it be? Be honest and bold. In the end, this should result in a type who you would like to have as a friend or acquaintance. If that is not the case, it is high time to make a change.

3. The corporate design

After you have now defined a character image, the next step is to also implement this image visually. What type of an appearance matches your brand character? Which font, shape, color would be appropriate. Together with your advertising agency, you should design these elements and give your “brand” a matching appearance.

Your logo, or maybe is it also lettering, should also express this character. A modern, young practice, which exudes speed and dynamics should have a different logo from an long-established practice, which intends to exude integrity and experience.

4. The recognition

You certainly also like your best friend because you can rely on him always being the same for you at heart. This can be relied on.

It should be the same with your brand. Ensure that you use the same look and the same language in all means of communication. Starting with the door sign, to your office equipment, your website, right up to advertising measures.

Over time, you can build up a reliable picture of your practice, i.e. your brand, this way. Then maybe you will also succeed in landing the potential patients in the “relevant set”. In other words – when someone says “dentist”, your name should occur first to everyone who hears it.

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