One dental implant patient’s journey

Whether on four legs or two wheels—James “Jay” Everett loves horsepower with personality. In his professional life, this American living in Falkenberg, Sweden, works as a copywriter and has contributed to many of our dental implant marketing materials. But what happens when this product expert must switch sides, becoming an implant patient? Here’s Jay’s story, right from his own pen.

A “refreshed” perspective

When I was asked to write this blog post I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to set the world straight about dental implants. I wanted to dispel the belief that no other restoration compares to a dental implant in natural looks and function. I wanted to reprimand anyone who tells patients there is no or very little pain. Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that my “quality of life” has not improved by getting a dental implant. But, I cannot honestly do or say any of these things, because my experience of getting my first dental implant has proved all this “marketing hype” to be absolutely true.

Ten years in the making I became a dental implant patient about six months ago. But I have been working with and marketing dental implants for more than a decade. Needless to say, I had an insider’s view of what would be happening in my dental implant procedure.

I got my first taste of implant dentistry following my relocation from the United States to Sweden. In 2006, after months of looking for a job, I finally landed the position of American English copywriter in the product marketing department of an implant manufacturer. Thus began my dental implant education.

Unfortunately, after partaking in numerous sensational dental implant marketing campaigns, I began to question the claims. My only salvation came when I moved into scientific marketing. Here I found a better balance between scientific fact and, what I perceived to be marketing fiction.

Communication is key

In 2010, I began writing for Astra Tech Dental (now Dentsply Sirona Implants). This company took a completely different approach to promoting implant dentistry. Their holistic, natural approach certainly helped quell my skepticism for the industry. However, I still had a bitter taste in my mouth when I read about how a dental implant improved another patient’s quality of life.

Bumps on the road

I had problems with my upper left premolar for many months. An old amalgam filling was replaced by a newer composite one, but eventually the tooth fractured and broke off. I wasn’t experiencing discomfort or difficulties from missing the tooth, but I knew that I would have to do something eventually.

I debated my options for several months. Finally, I decided I should “put my money where my mouth is,” or perhaps more appropriately, “put my words where my mouth is,” and decided I should get a dental implant.

My journey of re-discovery

Despite my knowing the steps involved in my case, my clinician explained in detail the individual procedural steps that I would be going through. He took the time and made sure that I understood. This attention helped considerably to ease my mind, especially before the actual surgery.

X-ray of final restoration

When it came to the surgery, it was straightforward: single-stage surgical protocol (i.e., immediate extraction/insertion). My clinician chose delayed loading with a healing abutment without a provisional crown, promoting the best soft tissue results.

I returned home from the surgery, a bit groggy, but that passed quickly. The only discomfort I experienced in the following days was a little swelling; I did not have any visible bruising. Ten days later, I returned to the clinic and had the sutures removed. Then, the healing period began.

Atlantis abutment and crown design

After three months, I was ready to begin my restorative journey.  I was called back for impressions, both digital and traditional impressions were taken. These were used to make two different restorations for me. The first restoration I received was a screw-retained solution. It was a “temporary” restoration while the final Atlantis Abutment and crown were being produced.

Journey’s end?

Thankfully, mine was a textbook single-tooth restoration case. Now that I’ve gone through this process myself, people have asked if I would do it again. I guess what they really want to know is: Did I make the right choice?

My answer is an emphatic: Yes. I believe 100% that I made the right decision by getting an implant. And, I would definitely go through the process again, but hopefully that won’t be necessary.

My experience reminds me that despite thinking you know everything about a subject, knowledge cannot replace actually doing something first-hand. And yes, my quality of life has improved because of my implant.

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