Turning a practice into a quality brand

Get inspired by doctor Marten Jan Lindeman’s case – the surfer among the dentists

Dentist Marten Jan Lindeman is a farsighted, dentally demanding and economically oriented expert for implantology, aesthetic-reconstructive dentistry and oral surgery. He has acquired a Master’s degree in all three specialties and wants to advance his practice continuously. In order to speed up the professional development, his area sales director recommended adding STEPPS practice marketing: With a strategic communications concept, a pointed positioning of the practice in the regional surroundings and a catalogue of services, the STEPPS experts spent two years turning the practice into a quality brand at the five-star level. The objective was to position the brand in exactly the right way for reaching patients to whom sustainable dental health is important. This includes patients that are ready for extensive dental treatment, demanding patients who appreciate an esthetic dental appearance, as well as mature patients who would like to regain the dental situation of a young adult.

Step 1— Developing the corporate design

The old logo of the practice, known by patients and associated with positive values, was esthetically updated. The new, modernized word-image logo is classy, stylish and pure, multifunctional, optically reduced to the minimum and focused on the brand essence: “Esthetic dentistry and implantology.”

Step 2— Visual positioning

The STEPPS experts developed a visual unique positioning by integrating the world of surfing into the dental world. Doctor Lindeman’s private passion for surfing was the inspiration for this strategic move. The STEPPS experts decisively applied attributes from the surfing scene to dentistry.
Sound impossible? Not at all!

Step 3— Communication on all levels

Newspaper ad

A series of advertisements with surfing motifs mirrored the practice’s primary themes: Holistic dentistry, quality of life through implants, esthetic dentistry, innovative dental technology, advance in knowledge, service orientation.

The surfing motifs can be found in the practice’s remaining media, as well: Doctor Lindeman’s website profits from these equally unusual and expressive pictures and is able to position itself uniquely in the mass of practice websites, simply through the strict adherence to one pictorial world.

All six therapy-specific flyers are adorned with the respective surfing motifs in the title and therefore demarcate themselves clearly from traditional dental flyers. The expressive surfing motifs can also be found on the walls of the dental surgery. The value of recognition should not be underestimated. Furthermore, the repeated use of the motifs also has economic benefits.


Doctor Marten Jan Lindeman’s (MSc) website

Doctor Lindeman communicates on the Internet via the practice website, the Facebook profile and evaluation management as well as through an unusual image film, in the regional press through PR articles and advertisements, as the speaker of his local patient information events, as a sponsor at local sporting events (banner advertising) and in town through the branding of his company car. And within the practice, the consistent brand presence is mirrored in the new maritime interior design, the team outfit and all office supplies. For doctor Lindeman, the practice brand says it all.

Job ad

“Positive reactions among our patients prove that the innovative and professionally implemented brand presence pays off” says doctor Marten Jan Lindeman. “The thematic world of surfing provides narrative elements for communication and is thus more memorable for them. The practice’s image is the clear winner. So is the publicity. Dentsply Sirona Implants was able to positively reinforce my choice of a partner for implants and practice marketing.”


Click here to discover STEPPS, marketing for dental professionals. The STEPPS practice marketing program and the presented services are not available in all countries. For information, please contact your local Dentsply Sirona Implants representative.