Peter’s journey to a new smile

Placing a single tooth implant can be challenging. To make it easier, Dentsply Sirona Implants offers Atlantis patient-specific made abutments designed and manufactured in a digital environment.

How do they work in real life? We asked a patient and a dentist to share their real life experiences with the Atlantis solutions.

The story of Peter and his journey to get a new tooth started many years ago. More specifically, at the home of Peter’s grandparents when he was about ten years old.

“I was playing on my grandparents’ farm, fell and knocked a chip out of one of my front teeth. When I got to the dentist he saw that the root had been damaged and the tooth was decaying. Since that day I have had problems with this tooth every now and then – with several root canal procedures over the years as a result.”

He continues: “About a year ago the tooth started hurting again. An X-ray revealed that the root had become inflamed. There was nothing to do but extract the tooth. Which meant that I had to choose between a dental bridge and an implant. Since I had so much trouble with the tooth over the years I was prepared to do whatever it took to get a good result. A tooth on an implant sounded like a perfect and permanent solution to my problems.”

Peter (right) and his dentist, Dr. Lars-Magnus Almgren.

Symbios used for increased ossification

Said and done, Peter got in contact with Dr. Lars-Magnus Almgren in Gothenburg, Sweden. When Dr. Almgren examined Peter he saw that the inflammation in the tooth root had spread to the jawbone, causing it to weaken. In order to ensure that the implant was seated sturdily Lars-Magnus used Symbios bone regeneration material for increased ossification on the buccal side of the implant.

Atlantis to achieve a patient-specific solution

After healing everything looked good and soon the abutment and crown were fitted. All in all, Peter received a new single tooth consisting of an Atlantis Crown, Atlantis Abutment in zirconia and Astra Tech Implant System.

Everything must fit perfectly

Inspiration & Insights asked Dr. Lars-Magnus Almgren about decision making prior to an implant treatment.

Dr. Almgren, what benefits does implant treatment offer when replacing a single tooth, compared with alternative solutions?

“The decision is always based on the individual patient’s situation. If a dental bridge is fitted, you need to grind down the two neighboring teeth to get a solid base for attachment. This is not something I like doing with a patient who has otherwise healthy teeth. Many single tooth patients are people who have suffered a trauma of some kind, and it is very common for the injury to be in the front portion of the mouth. Here the esthetics of the chosen solution play a particularly important role – the result has to look good.”

What are your thought processes when you choose to go with an implant?

“When you recommend a single tooth implant, it is the fit that is the big challenge. Everything must fit perfectly – from the implant to the crown. That is why I would never choose a stock abutment for my patients. With a patient-specific solution, the fit against the soft tissue is perfect and the tooth will look like it has always been there.”

The case with Peter is a perfect example of when a patient can smile again with confidence – and when he got a piece of himself back. Now, the tooth looks exactly like a natural tooth. And Peter’s high expectations are met, both esthetically and functionally. Or, as Peter says:

“Above all it is great that this long journey finally has come to an end.”

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