Five useful tips for a successful practice website

In today’s digital world, it is important that your patients can find you and your practice when searching online. Here we have compiled useful tips and tricks to help you to correctly plan and successfully implement your next website.


1. Quick contact

More than half of the people who visit a doctor’s website are looking for contact or address data. You can use a so-called top bar (narrow area above the actual website) to ensure quick access to your contact data on every page.


You can also integrate a contact form and a Google Maps view in the so-called footer

area at the bottom of each page to enable quick and easy access for visitors.

2. Showcase yourself and your practice

Most patients are unable to professionally evaluate your service. The decision on who is the right doctor to provide treatment depends a lot on sympathy and trust. You can influence these factors on your website by showing your practice at its best. Here we have written our own article on the topic of practice photo-shooting:

In addition, you should also communicate positive feedback from patients on your website.


3. Fits everywhere

Today, many potential patients visit your website on their smartphone or tablet. It would be a great shame if these visitors couldn’t view your website properly. Consequently modern web pages today have “responsive” loading where the pages automatically adjust to the respective resolution of their device.

Simply test whether your website is mobile friendly on this Google page:


4. Patient-friendly communication

Appeal directly to your patients. Don’t describe treatments in a neutral way. Use phrases like “We then discuss this with you” instead of impersonal descriptions such as “This is then discussed with the patient”.

When you describe treatments on your website, don’t use too many medical terms. The people you are addressing are not medical experts, and they are quickly overwhelmed by medical texts.

It is a good idea to have your texts written by a copywriter who has experience in medical topics. This ensures consistent language which appeals to a specific target group.


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5. Being found

To make sure your patients can find you on the Internet, your website has to fulfil several conditions. You should take this into account when developing the website. Since so-called search engine optimization, SEO, is a very complex issue, we can only provide you with a few rough tips here. However, you should definitely talk to your agency about this important issue.

Here you can find some useful tips on the topic SEO:


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