Meet the dentist who is also an artist

Already as a child, Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya loved to work with his hands, creating small toys and painting. Today, he uses this creativity to develop art in the mouth of his patients. To him, dentistry is very much like sculpturing, but with an extra twist. His artistry helps people as it creates natural-looking teeth and restores the smiles on their faces.

Great artistry and dentistry rely on the combination of the right tools and good skills. In the film below, Dr. Rojas-Vizcaya tells us more about his passion in life and talks about his preferred tools both as an artist and as a dentist.

Take a look at the artist’s work

In this case report, you can see how Dr. Rojas-Vizcaya uses an Atlantis® patient-specific abutment in gold-shaded titanium to achieve a final result with the right anatomical shape, support and color. The report tells the full story, from the initial assessment to the six-year follow-up.

Download Case-report-Anatomical-shape.pdf


Edit: This piece on how Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya saw dentistry as an art-form led to a discussion within his team. They posed the question: May a dentist be an artist? To find out the answer and the most interesting reasoning behind it, please read the article in full.