I can smile today, thanks to implant dentistry

Rebecca Bender’s life changed forever when she was struck by a motorcyclist who ran a red light. Just over a year later, implant dentistry had helped restore her quality of life again. Her warm smile was back. So was her joy of living.  

A traffic light turning red, an inattentive motorcyclist speeding, a passing pedestrian, and the accident was inevitable. Rebecca accelerated from zero to flying through the air in the blink of an eye. She was alive, but her life was changed forever. Due to the violent hit, she suffered a concussion, a torn meniscus in her knee and a trauma to her maxilla/upper jaw which caused permanent damage to her front teeth.

“For a long time after the accident, I never imagined that my life could ever be as great as it is today,” says Rebecca. “The experience was traumatic. But it also taught me to value the important things in life.”

Watch this captivating story with Rebecca, from the day of her accident to her way back to enjoying life again.