Discover the major benefits of a digital implant workflow

While some dental clinics aim for business growth, others are focused on providing better patient care. Ultimately, however, most would like a healthy blend of the two. The answer, in order to satisfy all the varying demands, could be digital technology that helps distinguish your practice from the competition by the scope, modernity and quality of the services provided. Let’s have a look at the most obvious benefits of a digital implant workflow.

More cases in less time – with improved predictability
The Dentsply Sirona digital implant workflow system includes solutions from data capturing, implant planning, guided surgery and digital impression to designing and manufacturing the final restorative solution. With this workflow in place your practice can handle more implant cases in less time, treat more complex cases with confidence, and improve the predictability of the treatment by helping to reveal all possible variables, like precision in placing the implant and the efficiency of the overall process.

Easy to connect
You can connect the digital implant workflow with a chairside or clinic-to-laboratory workflow and achieve the same great results by using the most advanced digital technology on the market. The system aligns the needs of implant surgeons, restorative clinicians and dental technicians thanks to the extensive expertise and vast portfolio of products, software and services. This will help you save time, grow your business and continue to provide patients with the best possible care.

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