The new conometric concept is a game-changer in fixed retention

Until now, you have had two choices for the final prosthetic installation of the implant treatment: screw or cement. With the launch of the new conometric concept from Dentsply Sirona Implants, dental professionals will have a third choice. Acuris, based on an innovation by Dr. Marco Degidi, is a groundbreaking solution that uses friction to secure the crown to the abutment.

“Once they [dentists] have tried the conometric concept and been correctly trained, they will go—wow!” says Dr. Degidi. He speaks with confidence and is already using the new solution extensively in his clinic.

Dr. Marco Degidi, the innovator of the Conometric concept.
Dr. Marco Degidi

To people in the implant industry, it comes as no surprise that Marco Degidi is the man behind this concept. He is recognized for his reconstructive surgery and implant dentistry research and has been a strong advocate of the need for more efficient restorative options and retention techniques for many years. His strong passion to constantly push the limits shines through in his latest innovation.



Friction instead of screw or cement

Put simply, the conometric concept uses friction instead of screw or cement to secure the crown and the cap to the abutment.

According to Marco Degidi some of the benefits for clinicians include very precise restorations, predictable results and a lower risk of biological complications. And while it is a fixed retention, it can be removed for cleaning or maintenance by the dentist.

All in all, the conometric concept makes the working day more convenient for the professional, while increasing patient satisfaction, Marco Degidi argues.

“Opportunity to change the industry”

This assessment is shared by Dentsply Sirona Implants, who were quick to act when Dr. Degidi presented his idea.

“We immediately recognized this as an opportunity to change the industry,” says Björn
Delin, Vice President Global Platform Implant Systems. “There was no doubt in our minds and we quickly made sure that Dr. Degidi would help us develop the concept further.”

Conometric concept being discussed by team of experts.
The team at Dentsply Sirona Implants.
"An opportunity to change the industry", Björn Delin, Vice President Global Platform Implant Systems.
Björn Delin, Vice President Global Clinical & Scientific Affairs.








Launched at EAO 2019

Since then, a select team of experts, scientists and engineers has fine-tuned, improved and thoroughly tested the conometric concept in close cooperation with Marco Degidi. The result of their extensive work is called Acuris and was officially launched at EAO 2019, in Vienna.

If you ask Dr. Degidi, he is certain how people will react once they try Acuris out.
“Most of them will become conometric addicted,” he says with a smile.

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