Digital implant workflow seemed like sci-fi, but it worked

Sia is passionate about dance. Originally from Iran, now living in Sweden, this is his moving story about how dancing affect his everyday life, to the extent that it even made him to go through with dental implant surgery to get rid of his constant toothache – and give him back his smile.

No matter if he’s feeling sad, happy or bored – Sia will dance. He never misses out on the opportunity to get into the groove, regardless of whether it’s latin, techno or reggae. Sia was excited when he discovered the tango on his first trip to Argentina more than 15 years ago, and his passion for dance continues. A seasoned traveler, Sia has visited dance festivals all over the world, including the famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival. He lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, and finds the city’s dance scene “pretty awesome.” This was also where he discovered a dental solution that would help him enjoy eating food again.

Confident about dental implant treatment

Sia had been suffering from terrible toothache for a long time. The situation went from bad to worse and eventually he had problems chewing properly. He thought long and hard about what to do but didn’t find a solution until he met another dancer, who happened to work in the implant dentistry field. She recommended that he should see Dr. Lars-Magnus Almgren, a dentist and oral surgeon, and Sia decided to give it a go. What he didn’t know at the time was that Dr. Almgren had more than 20 years of experience working with patients requiring dental implants and that he would be the one to solve Sia’s tooth problems once and for all. But Sia was skeptical at first.

“I had my doubt, that’s for sure. But Dr. Almgren and I connected right away and following my first visit to the clinic things moved fast. His broad experience in the field reassured me that this was the right choice of treatment for me, ” Sia says.

Digital implant workflow for better results

During the first consultation, Dr. Almgren explained the digital implant workflow process and as he got to know Sia, he became genuinely committed to helping him. The surgery followed shortly after the consultation and even if it was a much longed-for moment, Sia was feeling very anxious.

“I was quite nervous, but I got through the surgery without any difficulty and Dr. Almgren made me feel confident throughout the procedure. I rested in the afternoon following the surgery and was back to normal the day after. Most importantly, I experienced no pain or discomfort whatsoever,” Sia says.

No complications after surgery

When Sia returned to the clinic for his first check-up, there were no complications and the healing was excellent. He was excited when he returned for the prosthetic restorations some time later.

“I was so happy. Imagine, I could finally smile without feeling self-conscious! It was such a tremendous relief,” Sia explains. 

Predictable and optimized results

Sia’s procedure was a textbook example, mainly thanks to the digital implant workflow. He underwent careful treatment without spending too much time in the chair. In addition to successful surgery, the clinic achieved predictable as well as optimized results and the outcome was satisfying for both the patient and Dr. Almgren. Today Sia is an enthusiastic, self-appointed ambassador for dental implants.

“At first, the digital implant workflow seemed like sci-fi to me, but it worked! Today, I´m truly convinced and that I made the right decision by getting dental implants. The treatment has literally changed my life. No one even notices that I have dental implants as my two crowns look just like natural teeth. If I had known how smooth the whole process would be, I would have gone ahead with the surgery a long time ago. My new teeth have given my confidence a big boost and above all, they have enabled me to enjoy food again. That’s invaluable, ” Sia says.


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