Flapless surgery—safe and efficient for implant treatment

A recently published study by Jesch et al. 2018, with more than 7,700 patients having received Ankylos implants, concluded that surgical technique, i.e. flapless vs standard surgery, did not influence the long-term implant survival rate, but smoking and implant position did.

The authors concluded that flapless technique using a punch is safe and efficient. Patient discomfort or pain was not evaluated in this German mono-center study but the authors discussed several benefits for the patient with flapless surgery, such as shortened surgical time and reduced postoperative swelling and scaring.

Download the Scientific Highlight – a summary of all the key figures of the studyFlapless surgery






Read the article abstract by Jesch et al. 2018: “An up to 17-year follow-up retrospective analysis of a minimally invasive, flapless approach: 18 945 implants in 7783 patients.”

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