Easy and unique—Acuris redefines retention at IDS 2019

The expectations were high for the market launch of Acuris conometric concept in major European markets at IDS in Cologne, Germany. The solution had already proven to be a real-game changer in redefining retention of the crown on an implant-supported abutment in other markets. How would it be greeted by the crowd at the world’s largest dental fair?

Exceeding expectations

However, interest among dental professionals for Acuris exceeded expectations by far. Hundreds of clinicians took the chance to try out Acuris by attending a hands-on training session—and groups had come all the way from Japan and China to learn more about the Acuris conometric concept. The concept uses friction instead of screws or cement to place the crown in just a few seconds rather than minutes with a unique Fixation Tool. It became evident that this innovative retention mode truly represents the best of two worlds: retention of a crown on the abutment that is removable for the dentist but fixed for the patient.

Ingenious development

Dr. Frank Maier showing Acuris conometric concept

Dr. Frank Maier, who runs a private clinic in Tübingen, Germany, talked about his clinical experience with Acuris with implant professionals from all over the world.
“To understand how friction works with the crown just try it out on the model.” He continues: “Once you handle it you will see how ingenious this development is. It saves you a lot of time and it is also very safe as you do not have any cement residues or any problems with screw access holes.”

Acuris saves time

So, what can dental professionals do with the time saved when working with Acuris? At the Dentsply Sirona Implants booth, this very valid question was answered: visitors could sign up for a 15-minute free massage, giving them the chance to relax from browsing the trade fair. Acuris is available for the Astra Tech Implant System, Ankylos and Xive in major European markets.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Acuris conometric concept, fill out the contact form or go to our Acuris site.

See the complete interview with Dr. Frank Maier and others in Acuris Live TALKS from IDS.

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