The Azento experience—streamlining implant workflow at IDS 2019

Azento, the latest digital implant workflow solution by Dentsply Sirona Implants, generated a lot of buzz at the US launch last September at DS World in Orlando, Florida. Now Azento has crossed the Atlantic for the European launch.

Delivering digital workflow in three steps

Jo Massoels, Vice President Global Marketing & Solutions at Dentsply Sirona Implants, revealed the secret behind Azento single tooth replacement: “Many companies are talking about digital workflow, but we really deliver on it with Azento. We truly streamline digital implant workflow in three major steps—scan, approve, treat. And that is unique.”

Clinicians and dental technicians at the booth were eager to discover what’s behind the brand promise of “Outstanding flow. Great results.” They learned about tangible financial and time-saving benefits with Azento which, in parallel, enable consistently excellent results. Based on each patient’s digital scans, the clinician receives a precise, customized digital treatment plan and, upon approval, an Azento box for the specific case, containing all the components and instruments necessary to perform a complete implant treatment.

Multiple benefits and fantastic healing results

Dr. Mischa Krebs, an oral surgeon from Alzey, Germany, presented Azento along with Azento ambassadors Dr. Darin O’Bryan and Dr. Daniel Butterman from the United States. According to Dr. Krebs, the benefits of Azento, in addition to its fantastic healing results, are shorter treatment time and fewer appointments for the patient, as well as the logistical advantages that has really helped in his clinic: “We get all the parts delivered in one box, there’s less effort involved in ordering, in maintaining an inventory and so on—it‘s actually a package of all-round benefits.”

Scan, approve, milkshake treat

Scan, approve, milkshake treat
Dentsply Sirona colleagues with their selfie milkshake.

Visitors had lots of fun trying out their own, personalized Azento experience of “scan, approve, treat.” After scanning and approving a selfie, they received a custom-made treat in the form of a milkshake with their selfie on top. Many of these treats can still be seen on Instagram with the hashtag #azentoexperience.

Azento becomes available for Astra Tech Implant System and Xive in major European markets in 2019.

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