Atlantis Printed Models—improving implant dentistry

Printed models are an important part of the digital implant workflow and implant therapy. With design features that promote the high-quality work of dental laboratories, referral clinicians are supplied with the perfect crown for each patient.  

Key features of Atlantis Printed Model

To get the best results for each patient and their clinical indication, the features of the printed model are key to success.

  • Removable, translucent soft tissue – mimics the soft tissue captured by the intraoral scanner. This easily cut material exposes the gingival margin, allowing dental laboratories to properly account for the restoration’s transition zone.
  • Elos Accurate Analog (Gen.2) – featuring one simple rotational placement and three strong locking points ensure correct positioning. Color-coded according to implant manufacturer and controlled in height by the bottoming out of the printed model.
  • 3-pin positioning of bite – the 3-pin design of the bite orientation makes it easy to find the correct occlusion.
  • Light cure plastic construction – the robust material can withstand the various forces applied to the model during the restoration work. It is even possible to grind the teeth neighboring the implant.

A trusted streamlined outsource workflow

One of the most important aspects of outsourcing is trusting the partner that you have chosen to perform this key part of the dental implant treatment. When choosing an outsourcing partner, here are some benefits to consider.

  • One-stop-shop – ordering an Atlantis Printed Model is easy and efficient, with models ordered and delivered at the same time as its corresponding patient-specific Atlantis Abutment, Atlantis Crown and Atlantis Insertion Guide. Dental laboratories can work in a native environment, using the same software for the scan, printed model and restoration.
  • Time-saving – dental laboratories save time using an Atlantis Printed Model compared to designing and printing the models in-house or, alternatively, making a separate order with a third party printed model manufacturer.
  • Added value – unlike third party manufacturers who need to make money on their printed models, Atlantis Printed Models are produced to add value to our existing abutments and restorations. We are therefore able to offer extremely competitive prices.
  • No investment – working with Atlantis solutions removes the need for significant investment in equipment and software (both of which require maintenance and updates) as well as dealing with the pressure that comes from increased demand during peak seasons.
  • Quality control – dental laboratories can be reassured by our strict quality control which means every Atlantis Printed Model is produced with a validated manufacturing process and dimensional inspection to ensure the printed model and analog accurately reflect the submitted scan data.

Read the Atlantis Printed Model Guidelines

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Atlantis Printed Model is easily ordered and delivered at the same time as the Atlantis solution when using intraoral scanning to conveniently transform the intraoral scan into printed reality. It is available in the Atlantis WebOrder system.

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