Name your dental practice for success

Have you ever thought about the name of your dental practice? Many business owners do not give much consideration to the name of their business or practice. For a dental practice about to open, it might seem simple: Doctor Smith is opening a practice so “Doctor Smith – Dentist” is an easy solution that would be most logical for patients. But will it be the most successful, strong and solid name in the long run? Here are some important questions to ask yourself when choosing a name for your practice.

Will the practice name be strong for the next 15 years?

Generally, a dentist will not remain alone in his or her practice. At least not if they have the ambition to expand their business. So hopefully, a small practice will become a larger practice with several dentists or several locations within the company. In such a case, the classic “Doctor Smith – Dentist” name will no longer be relevant or logical, as patients will be disappointed and confused when they are not being treated by Doctor Smith. With such a dominant name, it will also be difficult for new colleagues to establish themselves. Or for Doctor Smith to retire.

What will happen with the practice in 30 years?

You have been working successfully for 30 years and finally it’s time to enjoy retirement and hand over your practice to the next generation. If possible, this handover should be lucrative for you, as you are handing over an established business with a large patient base.

However, as the practice is called Doctor Smith, this will create difficulties for Doctor Miller who is taking over. He would probably have preferred it if you had handed over “The Perfect Teeth in Town” practice.

How do I choose the right name?

When it comes to finding the perfect practice name and creating a suitable logo, you have a wealth of opportunities. If you think about the name and the future of your practice and you’ll see that there’s a great deal of potential.




When deciding on the name of your new business, you might also consider these points:

  1. Is your name legal?
  2. Is your name taken?
  3. Does your name say what you do?
  4. Does your name say where you are?
  5. Do patients understand the name?
  6. Did you keep it short and simple

The right name makes a difference

To sum up, the right name can make a huge difference to the success of your dental practice – both today and in the future. Think carefully about the choice of names before you make this important business decision.

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