A fast track to excellent results in single tooth replacement

What if there was a new implant treatment solution, a streamlined digital workflow that offered an outstanding opportunity to increase patient acceptance rates while at the same time creating a shorter, less stressful treatment period? What if the solution was custom-designed for each patient, and enabled a more pleasant patient experience and a fast track to efficient, consistently excellent results? Now the new workflow solution is here, and it is here to stay—meet Azento.

“Azento’s streamlined workflow offers tangible financial and single tooth replacementtime-saving benefits by reducing the administrative burden, the number of appointments and patient chair time. Most importantly, I believe Azento reduces stress for both patient and clinician,” says Daniel Butterman, Doctor of Dental Surgery at Butterman Dental, who had the opportunity to be a part of the Azento workflow team and Ambassador program.

Custom designed for each patient

Explaining what Azento does is as simple as the workflow itself. It’s basically everything an implant procedure needs, delivered in one single box. It was developed with an inbuilt patient and surgery focus since it encompasses treatment that is both custom designed for each patient and tailor-made for every practice. Azento also shortens the workflow by reducing the number of steps down to just three: scan, approve and treat.

Reducing the practice workflow process

The efficient process begins by simply scanning the patient with a CT-scan or 3D cone beam and then uploading the data into the intuitive web portal. Within one business day a suggested implant and restorative treatment plan will be sent back to the practice. After approval of the treatment plan, Dentsply Sirona Implants will design, manufacture, pack and ship the required surgical and restorative components in one single box, within five business days. All that is left for the practice to do is to start performing the implant procedure.

Fewer visits and better understanding

To sum up, Azento reduces the number of patient visits since surgical and temporary restoration are often possible on the same day. Even better, it also helps patients understand thesingle tooth replacementtreatment and create a sense of confidence in the procedure.

“Working with Azento is efficient, predictable and clinically precise. I enjoy the support of treatment planning, the convenience of receiving my ‘surgery in a box’ and the entirely digital workflow. My assistants have embraced the concept and patients are impressed with the process and clinical presentation,” says Sarah Jockin, Doctor of Dental Surgery at Lake Part Dental, after testing the Azento workflow.

Inside Azento

Each patient receives a precise, customized treatment plan recommendation based on their CBCT and intraoral scanning images, including: Single tooth replacement

  • Surgical guide
  • All necessary instruments
  • Implant
  • Atlantis healing abutment
  • Atlantis temporary restoration (optional)

Via an intuitive case management portal and streamlined workflow with an efficient turnaround time, dental practices using Azento can offer a great patient experience and also create a shorter, less stressful treatment period.

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