5 steps to achieve team flow

We have previously published a number of articles on how you as an individual can find flow. From a professional point of view, flow is equally important. The whole team can experience it – which improves its overall performance.

It is important to have the right solutions in place in a practice. Still, there are things that only you and your colleagues can influence in order to optimize your output and business operations – and that is acting in a way that promotes team flow.

How you do it, is very much depending on your way of working and the mix of skills, tasks and characters in your team. What is universally true is that that you are all important contributors when it comes to creating team flow. Here are five quick tips from Inc.com to get you going.

  1. Set a clear goal. Make sure the goal is precise and known by all team members. Never assume anything.
  2. Outline the tasks. All tasks must match the goal and be known to all members. Also, make sure that everyone can share their accomplishments and how these influence the outcome.
  3. Give quick feedback. Anyone who takes part in a task wants to hear how their efforts help the team. With quick and continuous feedback, people will not lose their personal flow (which in turn prevents team flow).
  4. Balance skills and challenges. All members need to perform tasks where their skills and challenges match. By assessing everyone’s skills beforehand, you eliminate future problems and strengthen the team.
  5. Offer strong support. A team needs the right atmosphere to finish its job. Leaders must therefore set the right tone for team support so that all member adhere to that tone and act helpful to each other.

Support for you and your team

Dentsply Sirona offers products, services and solutions that will make your work flow in implant dentistry. With our help, you can get rid of bottlenecks and unnecessary procedures. Something that is particularly true with our packaged Digital Implant Workflow offers. Thanks to these, you can handle more cases in less time, feel more confident about complex ones and improve the predictability of your treatments.

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