A tiny screw with a huge impact on flow

Dentsply Sirona will make your work flow in implant dentistry. Yet, while we focus on this big picture, we are most careful about the tiny details. Take Astra Tech Implant EV – in most people’s eyes, a tiny screw. Yet, we know how it has the power to propel a recurring flow in your work – and help patients experience flow in their lives.

Flow, the theme of a long series of articles is something you want to experience when treating patients. It will help you overcome challenges, feel confident and find solutions to complex cases.

Improving workflow

To ensure that, we work hard to facilitate ideal workflows for you. And it takes a combination of big thinking and minute precision to succeed.

You might say that a workflow is like a machine. Take out its key part, and it just does not run like it should. Astra Tech Implant EV is such a part. While our offer to you concerns making your entire workflow better, we understand full and well how this tiny piece is crucial.

Introducing workflow

The way it is designed. How you can place it. The handling experience. Its long-term functionality. How it promotes esthetics decades from now. All that matters. Some of it is directly noticeable, while some is only evident in the future. Still, they all influence your workflow. When you know that the implant works and acts like expected, you relax, trust it and focus on your main task – improving the everyday life of your patients. When you do this, you rid them of dental worries, which help them feel better and more confident – and do the things that trigger their flow.

If you are a user of Astra Tech Implant EV you know all this. How the parts of the machinery fit perfectly to form a smoother and efficient process. And how we give you a big advantage at work by our laser focus on the key part, a tiny, tiny screw.

At Dentsply Sirona, we can make your work flow in implant dentistry – find out more here.

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