Build a bigger and better we—and you will be a winner

In our series on flow, one might think that this is a solitary activity. According to research, the opposite is actually true. Flow feels even better and more intense when shared with one’s team. And some of our digital tools, such as Azento, is a great help to reduce bottlenecks and infuse better team flow at your end.

Studies show that we enjoy flow the most when in a highly interdependent team. This is natural, we do not enjoy work, love and play as much without other people. Friends, colleagues and family help us find satisfaction and meaning in life.

This presents a welcome opportunity. An implant treatment requires a team with cross-functional expertise that relies totally on each other to succeed. And quite often, team members work in different locations. How can you make yourself and your team members enjoy this more? The answer—by promoting team flow.

Team flow requires a lot—and delivers much more

Team flow must have a collective ambition, common goals, aligned personal goals, high skill integration, open communication, safety and mutual commitment. And the team need a sense of unity and joint progress, feel mutual trust, and share a holistic focus.

None of this happens automatically, but is worth striving for as it improves satisfaction, performance, skill development and meaning for the entire team. It also helps individuals feel better and maximize their potential.

When done right, you get a trusting team that look out for each other. In a complex business, such as implant dentistry, this is crucial. With more team flow, you forge stronger personal connections and better align on your goals, procedures, roles and actions.

Good news—flow is contagious

A special task for team leaders is to create a “flow contagion” strategy. This includes helping individuals to enter flow by introducing routines (mental cues), create zones (times/physical places) for deep work, and set schedules for when it is okay to shut out every other thing and focus on the task that induces flow. This lets the entire team feed off each other’s individual flows to create team flow.

Dentsply Sirona Implants has a role to play here too. We design our offer and digital tools to improve your workflow, help to reduce bottlenecks and infuse better team flow at your end.

One such solution is Azento, the all-in-one box solution for single tooth replacements. It reduces the costly instrument and materials inventory. You get a fully guided surgical solution. And it is designed to take away time-consuming procedures in order to streamline the workflow, so the team can focus on the core tasks. The result? You stand a better chance of entering flow at work, which ultimately boosts your business success.

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