Flow fun facts

In our series on flow, we look at different aspects of this mental state that allows us to reach higher, go faster and do better. However, flow is more than an elusive  feeling­—it is a well-researched topic that proves that flow has clear benefits too. Here are some of these fascinating numbers and facts. Maybe some of these explain why successful companies like Toyota and Patagonia name flow as one of their core philosophies.

Numbers and facts on flow

An increase in flow time by 15–20 % can almost double a company’s productivity.

A study in California, USA, showed that marksmen trained in flow progressed from novice to expert twice as fast as those trained without flow.

4 % is how much greater a challenge should be, compared to your skill level, to offer the optimal possibility of entering a state of flow.

Following a state of flow, you stay happier, more productive and creative for up to 72 hours.

Autotelic persons are internally driven, curious and find rewards in the things they do in life. This makes them more prone to experience flow, as they do not need any external motivation. Persons who typically find it hard to reach flow are high in neuroticism, i.e. prone to anxiety, sadness, worry and low self-esteem.

You cannot be stressed when experiencing flow as it offers a positive cognitive response to stressors and creates a sense of fulfillment, meaning, and hope.

Studies have shown that flow improves subjective well-being among music students, not the least when they feel that they have clear goals, a challenge-skill balance, can focus on the task, and have an autotelic experience.

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