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Dr Gary Jones

“Our new waiting room is the patients’ cars” – Dr. Gary Jones

Dr. Gary Jones in the U.S, a country where the pandemic has had an enormous impact, looks back on a challenging summer.
Dr Mischa Krebs

“We helped develop a network of offices treating Covid-19-infected patients in our area”...

Germany has been praised for its handling of the pandemic. Despite this, dentists like Dr. Mischa Krebs had to rely on friends to sew protective caps for the staff.
Martin Vanendeya

“A good thing to emerge was the communication and sharing of ideas and information”...

Dr. Martin Wanendeya says that the pandemic caught Great Britain off-guard and resulted in contradictory advice
Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya

“We have increased the protection protocols concerning all clinic staff and the admission of...

Dr. Fernando Rojas-Vizcaya talks about how patients are coming back for treatments. He also sees a possible development where those who suffered financially in the pandemic might opt for cheaper solutions instead of implants.
Dr Degidi

“We have increased investment in safety precautions” – Dr. Marco Degidi

Dr. Marco Degidi, who lives in severely hit Italy, points out that air quality should be high on everyone’s agenda and projects a two-track future for implantology.

MDR—a historical change for the dental implant industry

MDR—a historical change for the dental implant industry

Making the difference with evolution, innovation and convenience

High quality implant dentistry is like the art and science of building a bridge. You start with a foundation based on science, followed by detailed planning and precise surgical skills, completed by a unique,...
Printed models

Printed models—the solution is in your hands

As the digital transformation of the dental industry picks up pace, there has been an ongoing shift in impression taking for implant cases, from conventional impressions to an increasing number of digital impressions. Increase in...
Why is implant dentistry expanding so fast in China?

Why is implant dentistry expanding so fast in China?

As stated in this recent article, dental implant workflow is taking over in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong isn’t alone. The growth of implant dentistry happens across every region in China. We sat down...
World oral health day

Act on Mouth Health—celebrating World Oral Health Day globally

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to mouth health. That’s obvious when you see the number of World Oral Health Day events that took place all over the world in 2018. This...