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flow fun facts

Flow fun facts

Fascinating numbers and facts about flow.
characteristics of flow

10 characteristics of flow

Learn about the 10 characteristics of flow.
what is flow

What is flow?

When you are in a state of flow, you can accomplish amazing things. Suddenly you are more creative, productive and happier. So, what is flow really?
must-read books

Three must-read books for inspiration

What better way to end a busy and challenging year and start anew than with some reflection in the form of a great book? Here are our inspiring recommendations for reads that will make...

Lisbon on foot—a guide to scenic walks

Lisbon is a city rich in variety and is one of the most exciting yet underrated European capitals. Getting around Lisbon is a hilly story, heres a guide to scenic walks.
VR and AR

Step into your photos with VR and AR technology

As Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality continue to develop very quickly, our photos could soon turn from two-dimensional memories into rooms where we can freely walk around. This was foretold in the 2018 edition...

Enjoy an astonishing train ride this year

Even hard-working dental professionals need to slow things down every now and then. What are your plans for your next holiday? The trend toward slow travel points toward a growth in leisure train travel....
Cologne travel guide

Discover the modern metropolis of Cologne

In the shadow of Berlin and other internationally recognized German cities, Cologne begins to surface as a cool and trendy secret. This cosmopolitan metropolis offers an incredibly diverse mix of things to see and...
Hans Rosling Factfulness

The perfect book—Factfulness by Hans Rosling

"The aim of the 'Factfulness' is to debunk old prejudices and change the way people view the world – not just now, but for at least another 20 years to come," the late Swedish...
Berlin travel guide

Berlin travel guide

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a fascinating destination with an almost endless array of exciting things to see and places to visit. Here are some tips to inspire you if you want to...